Additional hardware

If you want more control over the karts on your track, or want to enhance safety or experience, the systems of De Haardt are there for you. We are De Haardt distributor, and use their location system for i-Karter.


The safety system is elementary to control your karts; whether electrical or fuel:

  • bring all karts or an individual kart to a standstill by remote

  • extra controls on the track or from a computer

  • slow down karts before they enter the pit lane.


This system accurately measures laptimes and/or sector times of the karts:

  • usable for all major karting management software

  • uses energy from the kart, so no battery replacement

  • the safety system (see above) is fully integrated.


The location system is best described as an indoor GPS system for karts:

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We are experienced experts... we use De Haardt ourselves in our Lot66 leisure concept. Read more about:

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