Whether your ideas are still in the starting phase, or your plans are already shaped... We can help you analyze and make the best choices, based on our first-hand knowledge and experience
We can be your mirror in the process of translating your thoughts into a solid business plan. So that it becomes a realistic representation and model; that you can use towards all stakeholders.
When you work towards the opening of your venue, we can be of help. With the last steps, setting up the organization and it's processes. With this approach, together we'll give you a head start.
You can choose what role you want Lothian to play. We are open in this process. In most cases, if you decide to use our products during realization, consultancy and support are free.
Please feel free to contact us. We will be very happy to support your business, and explain our way of working in person; and we're always looking forward to new partnerships.
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