Flying simulator

Forever people have had the strong ambition to fly by themselves. Unfortunately Icaros can not actually make you fly, but the total experience -with it's virtual and physical components- comes very, very close.

VR headset

Before experiencing Icaros the user puts on a VR headset:

  • spectacular 3D vision

  • Samsung Gear VR (other brands soon to come)

  • compliant with multiple Samsung smartphones 

  • wireless or wired connection.


Icaros itself is an amazing device, which gives the user the actual feeling of flying:

  • gyroscopic design

  • three dimensional movements

  • universal fit

  • movement controller is included.


The games, together with the movements of Icaros, provide a unique form of entertainment:

  • variations available: flying, underwater

  • variations soon to come: racetrack, space

  • variety in difficulty levels and durations

  • accessible for external developers.

More info

We are experienced experts... we use Icaros ourselves in our Lot66 leisure concept.

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