Leisure chain

The Lot66 concept will be rolled out in an international chain strategy. Multiple locations; each with it's own optimal portfolio of modules, based on analysis of the specific situation and conditions.


Our ambition is to have Lot66 leisure venues in the main European countries:

  • own centres and franchise locations

  • centralized support office with know how

  • one brand and strong marketing

  • uniformity in setup and organization.


We are always looking for innovative entrepreneurs who can help us grow our chain:

  • franchisers; to start or run a leisure venue

  • venue owners; to change to the Lot66 concept

  • professionals; to roll out our strategic plan

  • networkers; to get in touch with local parties.


Lothian is always reaching out to private financing or real estate parties that like an upscale scenario:

  • strong analysis; selected students and own research

  • good proposition; interesting return on investment

  • social commitment; support young professionals

  • active interaction; coach for entrepreneurs.

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We are experienced experts... we are developing the Lot66 leisure chain as we speak.

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