Lot66 concept

The Lot66 leisure concept is modular; it consists of connected elements (modules). Every module is researched by students; and so are organizational and marketing approaches. The result is a 'living' structure.


The base of our Lot66 concept vision are a few simple core principles:

  • multi-activity venues; complementary food & drinks

  • attract big consumers groups & mainstream B2B

  • strong brand and customer focus

  • make use of technology for concepts and marketing.


To guarantee a smooth experience to our guests, we believe in a simple and clearly defined organization:

  • healthy focus on cost efficiency in all aspects

  • 'incubator': our overall customer based setup

  • 'touching people': our approach to guests and crew

  • informal structure & short communication lines.


We want our concept to grow continously on different levels, based on thorough analysis:

  • development: use selected students for research

  • portfolio: add new and innovative elements

  • venues: add locations in different countries

  • quality: go above and beyond expectations.

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We are experienced experts... we have been developing the Lot66 leisure concept for years.

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