Lothian always supports students who want to do a thesis on a business plan; especially the ones who describe themselves as entrepreneurial. Also ambitious interns or enthousiastic parttime staff are welcome. Check us out!


For interns, we continuously have opportunities:

  • traineeship; learning on the job in our leisure venues

  • research; feasibility studies, or looking into marketing, organization, communication, CRM, ICT or gaming/virtual reality.


This is the rough roadmap for a challenging thesis, for example a business concept:

  • intake; first introduction and topic choice

  • projectplan; goals, tasks and timing in a nutshell

  • business plan; creating and writing your thesis

  • reality check; the professional verdict.


A unique element of the Lothian way is being able to be part of the realization:

  • (co-) start a business, based on your research

  • we can support or participate in realization

  • division of roles can/will be different per concept

  • we can assist in searching for external financing.

Parttime job

In our leisure venues, we can always use positive students for a variety of jobs:

  • operational tasks in food&drinks and leisure

  • supporting tasks in communication and facility

  • ideal combination with your education

  • create your own stepping stone.

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