As a track owner, you want to find the best trade-off; in quality on one side, and costs on the other side. That is where Sakamoto kart tires fit in perfectly. Perfect balance between safety, experience and economy.


The Sakamoto tires are available in the most common sizes for rental karts:

  • front tires: 10 * 4,5 * 5 inches

  • rear tires: 11 * 6,0 * 5 inches.




We offer the ideal compound for a rental track with a mixed pattern of visitors:

  • most popular tire type

  • balance between traction and lifespan

  • excellent driving experience.


The Sakamoto brand stands for affordable tires, but doesn't compromise on quality:

  • developed by ex-professional kart racers

  • continuous improvement based on customer feedback

  • one of the most used brands worldwide.

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We are experienced experts... we use Sakamoto ourselves in our Lot66 leisure concept. Read more about:

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