Track barriers

You want your karting track to look professional. A real race track that's safe, durable and easy to maintain. Our UK-based supplier of track barriers is one of the largest, and most experienced, in the business.


Our barriers give you freedom of choice, to customize for your own venue:

  • size: different dimensions and weights

  • colour: available in a huge number of colours

  • curve: locking guarantees all shapes and curves.



Whatever type of barrier you choose, your karting track will become -and remain- cost effective:

  • price: the best value-for-money in the market

  • maintenance: easy to place and to replace

  • solid: prevent damages on karts and provide safety for staff.

Also to consider

These trackbarriers are a high-quality product:

  • rotationally moulded

  • UV stabilised polyethylene

  • 100% recyclable

  • fillable for more stability, if needed.

More info

We are experienced experts... we use these barriers ourselves in our Lot66 leisure concept. Read more about:

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