Track coating

If your karting venue is not equipped with a perfect floor, and your goal is to offer your drivers an optimal race experience, this is the right product. It increases grip enormously, which makes karting more fun.


This coating is in easy way to lift your track to a higher level:

  • increases grip: race feeling and safety

  • gives a professional 'circuit' look

  • reduces wear of tires.



The coating:

  • is very slip resistant

  • attaches easily on concrete and bituminous surfaces

  • is very easy to use and repair

  • has an extremely long life span.

Also to consider

Some more interesting highlights:

  • the track is usable in a short time

  • low aromatic paint

  • made and tested by a specialized company.

More info

We are experienced experts... our partner has many references for this coating. Read more about:

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