What we do

We focus on developing, operating and supporting effective leisure concepts. Concepts that stand for an innovative experience for the guest and for a solid return on investment for the operator.

Our activities

Our area of expertise are leisure concepts and concept elements, in terms of:

  • creation, or support this process

  • development, or support this process

  • realization, or participate in this process

  • operation, or participate in this

  • support and consultancy.

Our mission

Lothian is convinced that consumers want to enjoy new leisure and entertainment experiences as a part of their daily lives, and that companies look for leisure and entertainment experiences that add value to their organization. 

With her concepts and brands, Lothian wants to play a leading role as a supplier in this market.

Our strategy

The strategy of Lothian is based on:

  • thorough research (also see: students)

  • continuous growth

  • focused portfolio of concepts

  • simple and effective organizational setup

  • integral focus on customers.

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